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Merely a week after launching the new M3 optical gaming mouse, Xtrfy introduces no less than three additional products.

B1 Mouse bungee
First up is the B1, a newly developed mouse bungee that makes gaming smoother by eliminating the drag from the mouse cord. The B1 is developed in collaboration with eSports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas, and built on the experience of professional gamers. The result is a new type of mouse bungee that is both steadier and more flexible – all to help gamers perform better.

”In order to truly enhance player performance, the bungee needs to be flexible enough to follow every mouse movement without resistance. The B1 has a new construction that makes it more flexible than any other mouse bungee, providing smoother movements and better mouse control”, says Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen, eight-time World Champion in Counter-Strike and founder of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The unique design features a flexible silicone arm that follows the player’s mouse movements, and a super-steady base that keeps the bungee firmly in place during the most demanding gaming situations. Apart from maximizing mouse precision, the B1 also brings a 4-port USB hub to the table.

Read more about the B1 at

C1 Mouse cord holder
Xtrfy also launches a mouse cord holder named C1 – a light alternative to the B1 mouse bungee. The C1 is a quick solution that reduces the drag from the mouse cord by simply holding it in a fixed position. With a strong magnet that keeps the cord holder perfectly still, and the ability to adjust the angle of the mouse cord, the C1 offers a range of new features for a cord holder in this class.

Take a closer look at the C1 on

A1 Mechanical keyboard enhancement kit
The third product announced is an accessory kit for mechanical keyboards. The A1 features 5 frost white keycaps for keyboard customization, a keycap puller for easy cap switching, a brush for cleaning and 120 sound dampening o-rings, providing an easy way to make your mechanical keyboard quieter for both yourself and those around you.

More information about the A1 can be found on


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