Windows 8 will take on a similar model to Mac OS X and get its own App Store, but unlike Apple, Microsoft is open to giving developers a lot of space and will allow open source applications in the Windows Store, in contrast to its own handling of software.

Apple offer the main components of its operating system Mac OS X and iOS, and the browser Safari, as open soruce, but have been criticized for its strictness regarding the App Store. Where for example the media player VideoLAN (VLC) removed itself from the App Store due to the strict licensing.

Microsoft in turn is keeping the lid on for both Windows and the browser Internet Explorer, but has realized that playing the open source card could be a trump against Apple and Google with Windows 8 to bring together several platforms under the same roof.

”The section in question states that apps released under a license from the Open Source Initiative (GPL, Apache, etc.) can be distributed in the Windows Store. Further, it says that the OSI license will trump the Microsoft Standard Application License Terms, namely the the restriction on sharing applications.”

Microsoft’s decision to adopt open source in Windows Store should speed up the growth of third-party applications in Windows 8 and with a common base interface in everything from smartphones and tablets to notebooks and desktop there is a broad user base to reach. Something neither Apple or Google can counter today.

Source: ExtremeTech via TechReport


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