Heaven is one of few good benchmarks for DirectX 11 graphics cards. In two weeks there will be another DirectX 11 benchmark, developed not too far from where I’m sitting, in the form of StoneGiant, but until then Unigine has updated the Heaven Benchmark to version 2.0. The focus is on more DirectX 11 effects and heavier Tessellation, something NVIDIA will be very pleased with, and more dynamic lights and general optimizations.

The level of Tessellation us now adjustable in three levels where ”moderate” is for the less capable circuits and ”extreme” will pressure even the DirectX 11 cards of the future.

Unigine Heaven 2.0 also has some new graphics to show and those without a DirectX 11 graphics card can watch the video below.

{youtube width=”560″ height=”340″}0HWZKGZcKoA{/youtube}

More on the benchmark and download links at Unigine.com.


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