Case maker Thermaltake has been flirting with AMD by launching a new model of the Armor series named A60 AMD Leo Edition. The black and red miditower has the same name as AMD’s current Socket AM3 enthusiast platform and there is no doubt gamers are the target buyers.

Thermaltake has chosen a typical gaming design for Armor A60 AMD Leo Edition where the black base color is completed by red details and an AMD logotype and lion pattern. Mesh and red LED fans complete the package. The case measures 480 x 210 x 500 mm and weighs 7.1 kilo. 

Armor A60 AMD Leo Edition holds up to 7 fans in sizes from 120mm to 200mm. The case has room for up to six 3.5″ drives where one is hotswappable and can be removed from the side of the case.

Other interesting specifications are eSATA, microphone/speaker output and USB 3.0 port in the front panel. So far the case is only available through


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