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Cooler manufacturer Thermalright has an impressive assortment of coolers and it has for long been one of the top choices of among hardcore users looking for after-market cooling solutions. It has often designed big and exclusive coolers perhaps a bit too expensive to attract all kinds of consumers. They are rarely priced at or below $40 and Thermalright has now decided to broaden its customer appeal with a new brand focusing on the entry level of the market. The new brand is called COCAGE and will launch cooler and accessories especially designed for people on a tight budget.

This of course means lower prices but also that the coolers will perhaps not get the same high quality finish and touch we are used to with Thermalright products, although the first two coolers do look well designed and quite appealing.


True Spirit is a tower cooler much like Thermalright’s own Ultra 120 series and targets the LGA1366 market. The cooler uses a temperature-controlled 120mm fan cooling the processor with the help of four heatpipes connected to a heatsink with 48 individual aluminum fins. It weighs 670g and the price will be around 35€.


COCAGE MST-140 is deigned for both LGA1366 and LGA775 platforms and sports a slightly bigger 140mm fan mounted horizontally on the larger heatsink. The weight is ”only” 410g and the price is yet to be revealed. We hope learn more about COCAGE in the future as new products surface.

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