As some of you might have noticed we have a section called the Encyclopedia here at NordicHardware. Right now it holds a
brief explanation of most terms you might find in the computer world.

Ever since the first launch of the Encyclopedia we have been
working continuously on improving it. A fresh new version is on the way and now
the time has come for the readers to make their contribution to the new Encyclopedia.
who feels he or her has the knowledge about anything revolving around the
computer feel free to post them in the forum or mail me.

Information regarding power consumption and history, about components or
specific computers, are extra welcome at the moment.
This will of
course also be possible after the new version has been published.

The new version will contain even more information about the already existing
terms, even more terms and facts, a section about physics and a power
consumptions section.

Even after the new Encyclopedia has been
published we will continue improving it.


The first contribution came from Ikkitousen,
of our sister site and was about


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