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It’s been a while since overclocker Shamino made a world record attempt, but now he’s back and what a comeback. Using a new Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 (G0) and a pair of ASUS GeForce EN8800 Ultras he managed to score 25,733 points in 3DMark 06, which is a new world record. The processor was cooled using liquid nitrogen and this made it possible to push it close to 5.1 GHz; 5082MHz (462×11), completely 3DMark-stable. The graphics cards was actually not cooled by liquid nitrogen but dry ice, but this was still enough to push the frequencies up to 918/1224MHz. The remaining equipment consisted of an EVGA 680i SLI, 2x GSKill 1GB HZ DDR2 and a Silverstone OIympia 1000W.

He’s not done yet though, but says he will give liquid nitrogen on the graphics cards a try. This should give him enough cooling to go beyond 1GHz GPU if everything goes well and perhaps push his score beyond 26,000.

:: Check out the article at VR-Zone


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