Seagate has launched a whle bunch of drives the latest couple of days and we will post more news on this later on. One of the new harddrives that has been launched is something as impressive as a 2.5″ model that uses perpendicular recording. With this more efficient storage technology it has been able to squeeze 25% more capacity out of its 2.5″ harddrive and announced the Momentus 5400.3 160GB. With a storage capacity at 160GB it’s by quit a margin the ”largest” 2.5″ harddrive on the market which all and all gives you hint of what perpendicular recording will do for the harddrive market. Rigt now we are looking forward to 3.5″ harddrives using this technology. An increase with 25% in storage capacity would mean we could have 625GB 3.5″-harddrives.

:: Read Seagate’s press release of Momentus 5400.3


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