Seagate GoFlex Home is an external harddrive that unlike most of its siblings is not intended to connect directly to you computer. GoFlex Home is so called NAS and connects to the home network and can be reached by all local computers and DLNA devices.


The advantage of a Network Attached Storage device is that several systems can easily access any data stored on the device. Seagate fits a single 3.5″ drive inside and the capacity is at most 2TB. The drive measures 80 x 135 x 171 mm and weighs 1.28kg.

With a Gigabit Ethernet port it connects to your router, but it also has a USB port for connecting printers or additional storage. Seagate GoFlex Home is compatible with Windows and Apple Time Machine. It can be used with stationary media players, such as FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD.

– The GoFlex Home system makes it easy for families wanting to quickly and effortlessly backup, enjoy, and share their favorite home movies music or photos from any room in the house, Darcy Clarkson



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