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Tehro ”Terho” Mukka is the first of hopefully many hoping to gain glory from competing in this year’s Swedish Computer Performance Championship (and yes, you have to be Swedish to compete), and he is now overclocking live via Bambuser. We have included the live feed after break, directly from the home of Terho. He is competing for the title in Percentage Overclocking where he has already shared a promising result of 128 percent.

Tehro will be using dry ice for cooling during tonight’s session and with temperatures down to –78.5 °C it’s a nice stop before hitting the heavy stuff, liquid nitrogen, later on in the competition.

Tehro and the rest are competing for prizes worth over 21,000€, which includes the rare ASUS Mars graphics card, a bunch of Core i7 processors, ASUS ROG motherboards, Corsair memories, power supplies and cases, Microsoft Windows 7 licenses, XFX graphics cards, Shuttle barebones, OCZ equipment, AMD Phenom II processors, DFI motherboards, efficient Arctic Cooling coolers, exquisite Noctua coolers, Cooler Master gaming gear, and much more (I think ATP and Western Digital is in there with some harddrives and memories too).

It’s a grand competition and it just started.

– Follow Terho Mukka’s live overclocking in SCPC2009 –

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