Time for the first MP3-player review here at NH, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be the last. The extreme epxanding of the MP3-player market hasn’t gone by unnoticed by many. Today you can find MP3-players in most priceranges but the one that most consumers are interested in is in the 1000-2500 SEK range.

The player we have tested is in this segment  and to many people it’s a relatively unknown creation. The brand mubiBLU isn’t all that well represented in Sweden, but that hasn’t stopped us from take an extra careful look at their DAH-900.

I can hardly believe that someone in the western world hasn’t noticed the new trend, the MP3 player.
During the past two years this little machine has sold incredibly well to all kinds of people in all different ages. You see them everywhere, in gyms, on the train, on the city’s roads and in school, you name it.

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