Our companions over at AnandTech has been very diligent the last couple of days, and has written four interesting articles.

The first article tells us about ATi’s future plansfor their mainboards. AnandTech has gotten their hands on some really interesting information regarding ATI’s coming chipset for Intel and AMD-platforms.

The second article tells the story about AMD’s future core Newcastle. Not much is new here, but AnandTech has done a really nice summarize of available facts.

The third and perhaps most interesting article takes us into the world of the heat that modern processors has to cope with. Of course they include several of today’s most common processors. AnandTech walks us through the different temperatures of the processors both idle and load situation, and the change between them.

Last but not least they have also taken a closer look at a 19” TFT screen from Samsung. 193P is a third generation TFT-screen, which tends for low latencies and lower costs in the long run.

Our brothers at VR-Zone has no intenton of being being walked all over and has posted two articles of their own.

The first one is about the coming mainboards for Athlon 64 and Pentium 4. The cooling on the coming socket T (775) for Pentium 4 is surely ingenious, and it’s the first time I’ve seen southbridge cooling as stock. ABit’s socket 939-mainboard for Athlon 64/FX will have passive cooling of the northbridge, and no cooling of the southbridge.

VR-Zone reveals that also when socket T (755) and the new Pentium 4 processors will arrive. Apperantly both will arrive during Computex Taipei (1-5 June).

Last out is The Tech Report who has asked them self the question ”is nForce 3 250GB faster with a GeForce FX than with a Radeon-card?”.


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