Anandtech has updated their AMD-roadmap, and some new facts have risen to the surface. One interesting thing is that a socket 754 and 939 processor with the same MHz will not have the same PR-marking. For example a 2,4GHz processor on socket 754 will be marked 3700+ while the same processor on socket 939 will be marked as 3800+. Appearantly AMD thinks that the socket 939 updates will give another 100 ”points”. These updates will consists out of half the L2-cache and Dual-Channel among others. According to the earlier roadmap these changes would even out eachother and therfore there won’t be a difference in the marking. The question now is if AMD will add support for SSE3 already in the first version of the socket 939 processorers and there gain the extra 100 ”points”, or if AMD simply marks them differently to keep them apart. 

Now for some negative news. According to Anandtech Athlon 64 3700+ won’t arrive until April, and we will have to wait untill May before 3500+ and 3800+ will come. Fortunately socket 939 won’t be delayed until May, but will be released as planned in March but alas only with Athlon 64 FX-53. Awating these goodies you can comfort yourself with the Athlon 64 2800+.

The roadmap can be found here.

Update: Anandtech has updated their roadmap again. Alas the changes that have been made aren’t very positive. According to the update socket 939 won’t arrive until May. So Athlon 64 FX-53 for socket 939 will NOT be released in March which I wrote above but in May. A small comfort though is that Athlon 64 FX-53 for socket 940 will come now in March.

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