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That the mess of cords we have to deal with is both troublesome, time-consuming and boring is something we all can agree on, but we now hear about something that could remedy this, partly! We have all had some kind of problems with out mobile phone chargers? Either just finding the right one or simply forgotten it. The GSM Association, which represents the interests of mobile phone manufacturers and operators worldwide, has presented an ambitious plan to unite all mobile phones with one universal charger.

The goal is that on January 1st 2012 the majority of all mobile phones will using the same charger, but there’s more. This universal charger will have 4-star or higher efficiency rating, which means it will consume 50 % less power than current chargers. So we are not the only ones gaining from this, the environment is too. GSM Association calculates that 51,000 ton of chargers will become superfluous and the charger manufacturing drop by at least 50 %.

3 Group, AT&T, KTF, LG, mobilkom Austria, Motorola, Nokia, Orange, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telenor, Telstra, T-Mobile and Vodafone are all behind this decision, which should make the world a slightly better place to be soon.


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