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Meizu seems to follow the current development among mp3 player manufacturers and go for a PMP (Portable Media Player), a unit that can not only play music but also video and images. Both images and specifications about Meizu M6 that looks a bit like a hybrid between Apple’s current iPod and the renowned video iPod that is expected to be more of a portable display. Meizu M6 use a 2.4″ QVGA display and is actually smaller than Apple’s fifth generation iPod and has actually managed to squeeze in a physical navigation system. The player will be available at from 512MB up to 4GB, and will cost $87 (512MB) and $200 (4GB).

There is no information about what codecs the player supports and considering the limited space we shouldn’t expect any bigger formats. But with a 20h battery time and a thickness at only 1cm there is a lot to like with this little player.

Source: Engadget


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