Antec is a major player on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) market. Over the 21 years the company has existed it has grown to become one of the most respected case and power supply builders on the retail market. As the retail market has grown so has also Antec. This has given us such products as the Performance One series and the Antec NeoHE power supply series, and the upcoming Signature series, which looks like the best power supply yet from Antec. We got a chance to chat with Senior VP Scott Richards and ask him some questions about the future.

”Lastly, as a company that has always strived to make the best quality possible for the money invested, it does drive us at Antec a bit crazy when we see consumers run their power supply right on the line of available power. The excess heat and having components running constantly on the ragged edge can inhibit overall performance and substantially shorten the life span of the PSU.”

:: Interview with Antec Senior VP Scott Richards

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