AMD got a good start with the launch of the Fusion E series for its mobile platform. The big picture still shows that it has a lot of market shares to take before it catches up to Intel. According to recent surveys 81% of all x86 processors that shipped in Q1 came from Intel’s fabs, while AMD had 18.2%.

Intel has been idling at around 80% of the total market for x86 processors for the last few years. When reviewing the sales for Q1 2011 we see that little has changed since Q1 2010 where Intel also claimed 81% of the market (down from 81.2% Q1 2010) while AMD had to settle for 18.2% (up from 18.1% 2010). The remainder goes to VIA Technologies that has increased its shares from 0.7% in Q1 2010 to 0.9% in Q1 2011.


Sales among desktops and notebooks rose in Q1, while server processors took a small dive. The number of shipped processors increased by 7.2 percent year-to-year. This despite Intel’s Cougar Point chipset fiasco. 

There are no estimates for the sales in Q2, but we are eager to follow the development between AMD and Intel in Q3 and Q4 when AMD will release its Llano APUs and Bulldozer processors a.k.a. AMD FX.

Source: eWeek


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