Intel’s new 32 nanometer node have been a success and the processor giant is planning many new models based on the Westmere architecture. It still has a lot of 45 nanometer products, like the Lynnfield architecture. In Q1 2010 85% of all Intel processors are expected to be made with 45nm technology, but there was a generation before that, based on 65 nanometer technology, that is becoming all the less important for Intel.

According to the recently published information only 3 percent of all shipped processors in Q1 2010 was made with 65nm technology. Apparently Intel is moving toward shutting down the making of all 65nm processors in Q3 2010, simply due to lack of demand.


This would mean that most of 65nm processors will disappear from stores by the end of 2010 as the stock dries out. In Q4 2010 Intel expects 35% of all its processors to be made with 32nm technology.


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