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Cooling specialist GELID has unveiled the WING 12 PL fan, the market’s first 120mm fan with magnet bearings. The company calls it Nanoflux bearing and through magnet technology the fans will be really quiet with no actual friction. The technology makes it possible to remove fan blades from the frame for easy access during cleaning. The fan blades have angled ends for better air pressure and higher airflow.

GELID has used a PWM fan controller with WING 12 PL , which make sit possible to maintain a set temperature in the easiest possible manner. The top RPM is 1,800 RPM, which emits noise at 26.8dBA.

The Nano-technology composite ensures lowest abrasion and extreme durability (MTTF 100’000 hours). Compared to other Magnetic bearings this technology allows the impeller to be detached and thus the fan blades can be cleaned easily.

For better or worse, the fans have Green or Blue LEDs, which means that even if you can’t hear them you will see them. They ship with three year warranty and costs around $20 in stores.


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