Geforce GTX 490 looks to be the name of Nvidia’s first multi-GPU card sporting Fermi circuits. it was just a matter of time before Nvidia would release dual Fermi GPU, but it took some time before it decided exactly which GPUs to use. Reliable sources have informed us that the card that will be sold as Geforce GTX 490 will use the same GPUs as the coming mid-range segment, I.e. GF104.

The same sources earlier revealed that GF104 will house 256 CUDA processors and 256-bit memory bus. The remaining specifications for Geforce GTX 490 were not revealed, but previous rumors of 375W power consumption doesn’t quite apply here.

We hope to learn more about Nvidia’s coming products soon, but it looks like the first multi-GPU solution will use the stripped down GF104 GPU, which is relatively understandable considering the power consumption and heat development of GF100.


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