Small preview imageGateway FPD2185W is another new LCD-monitor that will try to make its way into the 20″+ segment. Getway recently made an official launch of its new 21″ monitor and according to reports it’s already available in stores. The monitor uses a resolution at 1680×1050 px and uses the widescreen format. Gateway’s monitor has a contrast ratio at 1000:1 and a responce time at 8ms. It also has several interesting features among others an integrated Faroudja circuit for handling video, Picture-in-Picture and a 4-port USB-hub. The support for HDCP is the attention grabber though as  FPD2185W is one of the first LCD-monitors supporting this new protocole.

HDCP, High Definition Copy Protocole, is coming whether you like it or not and the monitors without HDCP will not work with most of future HD-material. In other words a very important feature for the future.

The price for a Gateway FPD2185W is also very competitive at $599 in USA. About the same as Dell’s popular W2005FPW monitor.

Source: Gateway


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