Galaxy continue to lure us with its own graphics card solutions. The comany has now launched its GeForce GTS 450 Hall of Fame, the first GTS 450 sporting 1 GHz clock frequency from factory, far above the 783 MHz of the reference model.

Galaxy GTS 450 HOF has, beside 1 GHz GPU frequency, had its CUDA cores pushed to 2 GHz, and the memory turned up to 4100 MHz, up from 1566/3608 MHz.

To reach these clock frequencies Galaxy has made some delicate optimiations of the circuit board. Among others we find high performance 0.4ns GDDR5 memory circuits from Samsung around the GPU, and 3+1 phase power supply.

The graphics card is cooled by a large heatsink with four heatpipes and two PWM fans, for high efficiency and little noise.



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