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The most important property of a fan is to move as much air as possible while making as little noise as possible. An equation that rarely works out. Enermax offers a number of efficient fans but the new Apollish fan series is different from the others as more things have been added to equation. The fans are just as much decor as necessity for keeping temperatures down.

The fans comes in four different colors; red, blue, silver and green. Except from the colored body the fans also sports powerful LED diodes that light up the fan blades. The fan blades are detachable for better care.

Enermax launches the Apollish series at 80mm, 92mm and 120mm sizes and with the Twister bearing technology the fans offer long lifespans at minimum noise. In other words, they offer more than just lighting effects. They also have an integrated temperature sensor that regular the speed of the fan.

Prices are between $15-20 depending on size.


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