Elpida Memory has revealed its first graphics memory chips, developed inside the company. Elpida has launched a 2-gigabit GDDR5 memory circuit with copper connectors that will be capable of 7.0 GHz.

Elpida EDW2032BABG is the product name of the chips that will be made with 50nm technology and developed in the Munich Design Center in Germany. With 2-gigabit per memory circuit it will enable graphics card makers, or related products, to increase the memory buffer. Graphics cards that today house 1GB graphics memory with 1-gigabit memory circuits can double their buffer, to 2GB, without any major changes.

Applications for GDDR (GDDR: Graphics Double Data Rate) memory devices used with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are found not only in such graphic processing equipment as game consoles and PC graphics cards but also in equipment that require high-performance computing for use in such areas as science and technology, physical simulation, digital image processing and video conversion.

The new circuits will go into mass production in Q3. Products using the chip should appear soon after that.



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