Google released a beta version of Chrome 10 just a few weeks ago. Now the final version has been released and it promises a big leap in JavasScript performance, GPU accelerated playback of video and a new interface for settings.

Chrome 10 will as previously revealed offer 66% better performance in Google’s V8 benchmark. This will result in an overall faster browser, while performance in web applications will be improved.

Google has also revised the interface of the browser where you now change settings under a tab instad of a separate window. It has also added a search window to quckly locate the settings you were looking for. You can also go the settings tab by typing a direct link in the address bar.

Chrome 10 also synchronizes your passwords between computers – if you want – but also bookmarks, addons and websites and it’s all tied to your Google account.

Last but not least Google has made a sandbox integration of Adobe Flash Player. This means that the flash player works indepently from other tabs or the browser and can be updated automatically and if it crashes it won’t affect other functions of the browser.

Google Chrome 10 can be found at Google’s website or updated through Chrome.


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