Då var det dags för ATi att släppa nya drivrutiner i deras Catalyst-serie. Catalyst 4.7 bjuder på en del prestandafärbättringar för X800-serien men det mest intressanta är en ny egenskap som de kallar för ”Temporal Anti-Aliasing”.

”This release introduces a new feature called Temporal Anti-Aliasing. OpenGL and Direct 3D applications will benefit from this feature when custom settings for Anti-Aliasing are used, and Temporal Anti-Aliasing is enabled. The feature provides higher Anti-Aliasing quality when an application frame rate is 60 frames per second or higher.”

Problem som är fixade:

  • Enabling both the CRT and DVI connectors and setting the CRT to primary no longer results in display corruption being seen on the display connected to the DVI when running 3D Labs applications and disabling the display on the DVI connector The mouse pointer no longer flashes or becomes corrupted when setting the display mode to 1080i and launching Windows MCE
  • DVD playback hesitation at the beginning of a movie is no longer noticed when using the ATI DVD Player under Windows XP with an ATI 8500 ALL-IN-WONDER™ installed
  • The Windows XP operating system no longer fails to respond when a D3D application generates a floating-point exception error
  • The BIOS Version information is now stated correctly in the Details found in the ATI Options tab. Further, the correct DAC and ASIC information is now displayed in the Adapter tab found in the advanced setting of the display properties
  • The Overlay Theater Mode table has now been extended to support 1080i and 720p
  • Launching EVE Online under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ 8500, 9100, or 9200 series no longer results in a VPU recover error before the terms and conditions is displayed

Fulla release notes där ni kan läsa om fler tillrättade problem och prestandaförbättringarna för X800-serien hittar ni här.
Ladda hem drivrutinerna här.


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