Small preview imageAuxiliary display has been one of the technologies presented during WinHEC this week, among others we saw some news on this in Anandtech’s WinHEC coverage. At Engadget they’ve managed to get two really nice pictures of the technology in action on laptop from ASUS. The technology is so far only supported by the operating system Longhorn and makes it possible to access data even when you’re computer is turned off. All this through an external display where you can e.g. check your mail or control your mediaplayer, I.e, all while the computer is turned off.


Detta ser onekligen ut som en mycket intressant teknik och speciellt då för bärbara datorer som man gärna för med sig ihopfällda. Tyvärr måste vi vänta drygt 1,5 år innan vi ser någon användning av tekniken då Longhorn är det enda operativsystemet som ser ut att stödja Auxiliary display.

Source: Engadget

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