Radeon X1950XTX is ATI’s latest flagship on the graphics card market and just as the name implies the card is very similar to its predecessor, Radeon X1900XTX. But there are some obvious differences, a new cooler and the first graphics card on the market with GDDR4 memory. We’ve taken a closer look at ATI’s new flagship and compared it to NVIDIA’s equivalents in the high-end segment. All this to find out what ATI’s focus on on more memory bandwidth has resulted in. In Part 1 of our review we will focus on single graphics cards and take a look at both the design of the cooler, the performance and of course overclocking.

”The X1950XTX comes with two new features, a new cooler and new memory. Is the new cooler as good as it looks? Stay tuned as we take a closer look at both and check out how increased memory bandwidth really will affect the performance. Earlier overclocking tests have shown that it’s precisely what the R580, and not least Crossfire, needs. ”

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