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Asustek Computer is perhaps best known among our readers as the component maker ASUS. As the world’s largest producer of motherboards ASUS has made great progress on the PC market too, especially with its notebooks over the last few years. The companies have ambitions of becoming the world’s third largest manufacturer of notebooks by 2011 and now unconfirmed sources report that an acquisition may be coming.

A report published by Chinese news paper Commercial Times suggests Asustek is talking to Toshiba about buying its notebook department.


ASUS hasn’t commented or confirmed this and according to Commercial Times there is nothing that have been put on paper yet. The story goes that ASUS is hunting for suitable targets for expanding its market shares. Toshiba is one of the biggest actors on the notebook market and this would put ASUS in a completely new position on the market.

If an acquisition becomes possible it is still unclear what will happen to the brand and sales.


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