ASUS is preparing a new netbook in the Eee PC series called X101. X101 will measure 17.6 mm and weight only 950 gram, making it one of the thinner netbooks about there. X101 will be available in two versions, one more expensive with Windows 7, and one cheaper with MeeGo.

It certainly looks like ASUS is giving Linuxa second chance and while it is just the Eee PC series that is known for lackluster performance the price will be appealing. X101 comes with single-core Intel Atom N435 at 1.33 GHz and HyperThreading.

The most interesting about this new model is that it will be available in two flavors, one with MeeGo for 199 dollar and a second with Windows 7 costing between 310 and 350 dollar. There will be three colors to choose from – white, red and gold.


Many enthusiasts have requested a computer without an operating system installed, but MeeGo will not add to the final cost and should be as close as we will get to the dream. Despite the meager performance the price looks right and we hope ASYS will do the same with other portables and at least give you the option of not buying Windows.

Source: TCMagazine


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