AMD continues to ride the GPU performance before the launch of the new mid-range processor Llano. Recently leaked documents from the company points to that the Llano-based Fusion A series will offer up to 325% better graphics performance then equivalent Intel processors based on Sandy Bridge.

As expected this is not a comparison between Intel’s top models of the Sandy Bridge family but instead a direct comparison with the minors of Intel Core i3 and Core i5. The models AMD expect to compete with primarily.

AMD Fusion A8-3850 will with its four K10.5-based cores also house a Radeon HD 6550 GPU with 400 stream processors. According to this document this will be enough to score around 3000 points in 3DMark Vantage GPU, while Intel Core i5-2300 with its older Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPU has to struggle to reach 1000 points. This would result in a boost of around 200% and exactly where 325% comes from we don’t know. But it does point out that other Fusion A circuits with 320 and 160 stream processors will offer 250% and 100% more graphical power respectively, over competing models from Intel.


It is possible that the numbers from from some other benchmark, or that the documents are simply not authentic The numbers in 3DMark Vantage does seem to add up though.

AMD has already proved to us that the GPU solution in Llano will leave anything else integrated today far behind, but we are starting to worry about the lack of material around the actual CPU portion of the chip.


Source: DonanimHaber


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