Small preview imageJust last week we reported that Amiga Inc. and ACK Software were going to start the production of Amiga computers again. We gave you the specification to the entry model as well as the price. Now time has come to reveal the high end model. The new high end Amiga will utilize a 64bit dual core CPU, running along at 2GHz. Sounds like almost any computer today, yet this CPU isn’t made by neither Intel nor AMD. Although it has some similarities to AMD’s by utilizing not one but two integrated memory controllers with DDR2 support. The CPU also sports the name PWRficient, namely only consuming 5-13W during normal usage. Other hardware features are two PCI-E connectors, 16x and 2x, dual gigabit and four SATA II connectors. The pricetag is set at $1498.

“This new design offers the Amiga user a new choice in hardware. Amiga believes that this new system will address the needs of the Amiga user today and into the near future.”, said Bill McEwen of Amiga, Inc.

Just like Bill McEwen states here, the new Amiga will probably only target the Amiga users of today. And personally I strongly disbelieve that Amiga will gain any new users considering the limited amount of programs and games in comparison to the PC market. Sad, but probably true. However, it will be very interesting to see how it compares against the monster computers of today.

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