Solutions for Automotive Diagnostics

Almost every car, released since the second half of the 1980s by large automotive companies, is equipped with an onboard self-diagnostic system. This system consists of different sensors, located at critical car modules, and the central microcontroller, which is called an electronic control unit (ECU). ECU collects live readings from sensors and compares their values with pre-defined defaults. When any malfunction occurs and sensors’ readings come out of default range, ECU generates and displays an error code or otherwise indicates the presence of fault.

However, advanced data on the nature of error, as well as on the state and health of different car modules is only available for special diagnostic tools, which can be connected to the ECU via the OBD port of the car. Reliable car diagnostic tools of world’s leading brands are available at ECUTools internet store.

Types of Diagnostic Tools for Cars

Three types of automotive diagnostic solutions are currently used most widely:

  • Engine testers – these solutions do not require a connection to the ECU, as they can instead be connected directly to sensors and contacts, located at the engine. In essence, these tools are specialized digital oscilloscopes with multiple independent inputs. Some testers can display testing results on a built-in screen, while others require connection to a PC.
  • Adapters – they provide a way to connect a PC or a smartphone with installed testing software to the ECU of a diagnosed car. Most adapters provide OBD-to-USB interface, but some of them are also equipped with a Bluetooth module.
  • Scanners – these complex solutions provide full diagnostic capability. Two types of scanners are currently popular on the market – stand-alone devices with a touchscreen and complexes that consist of an adapter and a compatible program for diagnostics. Scanners of the first type are fully autonomous, but usually expensive, while scanners of the second type require the usage of a PC or a smartphone, but are more affordable. An adapter, provided with scanners of the second type, could also be used for tuning purposes, provided the availability of special software.

Best Car Diagnostic Tools for Sale at ECUTools Store

The following scanners, available at ECUTools store, were popular during recent years:

  • AutoScanner Opel CAN – famous diagnostic solution, designed specially for full analysis of Opel cars electronics. Consists of an adapter and Opel Scanner software.
  • ScanDoc Compact – this solution consists of an adapter, which supports KL-Line, 2xCAN, VPW, PWM and J1708 protocols, and QuantexLab diagnostic software, which supports most European, Asian and American car brands.
  • Scanmatik 2 PRO – powerful solution which consists of a universal adapter that supports all popular data transfer protocols and Scanmatik diagnostic software.