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AMD and its partners have made sure that everyone has heard about the vast overclocking potential of Radeon HD 4890. Now that it has launched its fourth Catalyst driver for the year, Catalyst 9.4, it is once again with overclocking in focus. The new drivers comes with a new ATI Overdrive function that enables the computer to estimate the maximal overclocking of the graphics card. This further enables optimal performance in games with AMD’s Radeon HD 4000 series without manual adjustments.

Exactly how efficient the new Overdrive feature is remains to be seen, but AMD clearly shows that it intends to offer the best possible value and performance for its customers with its latest graphics cards. The drivers also contains a lot of bug fixes for among others World Of Warcraft and Age of Conan. Do note though, that these are only for Radeon HD 2000 series and newer. Older cards are not supported.

More information on the driver can be found at AMD’s website (PDF) where you can also download the new Catalyst 9.4 driver for most operating systems.

:: Download Catalyst 9.4


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