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GPU-Z is one of the most frequently used applications among overclockers and enthusiasts. The program enables users to keep track of their graphics cards. Not just what models, but also clock frequencies, temperatures and voltages. It can all be monitored in realtime and version 0.3.6 brings updated support for AMD Radeon HD 5850 and HD 5700 series, but also NVIDIA’s GeForce 100 and 200 series of graphics cards.

TechPowerUp reconfirms that Radeon HD 5900 series will be the name of AMD’s dual-GPU card Hemlock. At the same time that the budget series Cedar and Redwood will be named Radeon HD 5600 and HD 5300 series. Even if this isn’t the same as confirmation from AMD it matches our previous stories.

Download GPU-Z 0.3.6 at TechPowerUp:

    • Added Infotips, they can be turned off in the system menu
    • Added preliminary support for ATI Radeon HD 5900 (Hemlock), HD 5600 (Cedar), HD 5300 (Redwood)
    • Added full support for HD 5850, HD 5770, HD 5750
    • GPU-Z no longer crashes on ATI ULPS enabled CrossFire configurations
    • Fillrate Pixel, Fillrate Texel, Memory Bandwidth will now correctly recalculate when clocks change
    • Bus Interface, ATI shader count is now periodically refreshed
    • Added support for HD 5850 voltages
    • Second voltage on HD 5870 correctly named VDDCI
    • ATI clock reading code fixed
    • Fixed default clock reading on HD 5850
    • Added Mutex to avoid collisions on long I2C operations
    • Added basic detection for a lot of NVIDIA card fakes
    • Added detection for ATI FireGL V7600, M92, RS880
    • Added detection for NVIDIA GT 130, 9600 GE, Tesla C1060, G 220, GT 220, NVS 3100, GTS 160 M, NVS 160M, NVS 150M, G105M, GT 240M, G105M, G210M, G310M, ION LE
    • Fixed die size and transistor count on G72 M


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