This time we take a closer look at a rather new company: NZXT and one of its cases. It is mainly known for its ”gamer-chassis”, but this one is an exception with its much cleaner design and not at all as flashy as its other cases.

This time we take a closer look at a rather new company: NZXT and one of its cases. It is mainly known for its "gamer-chassis", but this one is an exception with its much cleaner design and not at all as flashy as its other cases. This creation sits in the sub $100 category and i has tried to mend features with good looks which it seems to have done pretty well. Exactly how well remains to see.

NZXT Trinity : Specifications
NZXT Trinity
Form factor :
Midi Tower
Side panel:
Side panel with window and fan
200.0 mm ( W ) x 440.0 mm ( D ) x 430.0 mm ( H )
12″ x 9.6″ (ATX),
9.6″ x 9.6″ (Micro ATX)
(Baby AT)
120*120*25 mm fan bracket (fan included)
120*120*25 mm fan bracket in the front
80*80*25 mm fan on the side
7 Kg
1.0 mm SECC
Internal units:
4 x 3.5″
External units:
5x 5.25″, 1 x 3.5″
Temperature display in the front
Extremely shiny polish
~590SEK ( Exchange rates )

This case is from a lesser known manufacturer as it has just appeared on the market with a number of cases looking a bit different from the rest. This is however one of the more clean-looking cases. It ia typical Midi-Tower and has an extremely shiny polish in which you can actually see you own reflection.

It weighs only 7 kg which is far from heavy with a case of this size , but that is because it is made from 1 mm steel. More than enough space with 5 3,5″ slots and 5 5,25″ slots. The price is looking mighty attractive so far, but then you have to get a power supply though.

This case has a really nice appearance with its extremely shiny polish. If you want to see yourself in the polish this is definitely the right case for that purpose. The case weighs only 7kg and is made from very thin sheet metal so it easy gets scratched. On the side panel there’s a window with a LED fan that has the company’s logotype, nowadays it feels like a standard. On the front of the case is a mirror panel, when you get the case there’s even a protecting plastic cover over that shiny part so it won’t get dirty or scratched.

They have chosen to put the sound and USB ports on the side of the front, a very nice solution. It has even placed a thinner fan than normal on the right side of the hard drives to increase the air flow. On the back you can put a 80, 92 or 120mm fan, so you can take the fan you want or can afford.


When you open up this case you notice that they have chosen to make the inside as shiny as the outside. This is very rare, but it’s really nice to look at. The side panel they’ve made not only shows how square the window is it also shows how square the whole case is. They have also put a display in the front that shows the temperature inside the case.


This case can’t handle any rough treatment because of the thin sheet metal it’s made of, but on the other hand it doesn’t weigh that much. There is plenty of room for the power supply and motherboard so its easy to install all other components you need, thanks to the cable clip on the inside of the case you can easy put away the cables you don’t use from the power supply. The metal pieces beside the PCI ports can easy be reused which is nice if you used a card and then removed it.


On the back of the case we can see that the fan holes are made so you can use a 80, 90 or 120mm fan but they’ve chosen to put an 80mm fan which explains the low price. There are 5 screwless 5, 25” places and 2 extern al3, 25” and they’re also screw less. The appearance around these places makes it pretty convenient to install your hardware and it doesn’t feel like there is no space around the 3, 25” like it often does.


The Harddrive brackets are really easy to handle inside the case and only with a thumbscrew that holds it in place it’s easy to take out again. Even here there are no screw functions so technical you don’t take out the brackets all that often but it’s a very flexible solution. The brackets are squeezed tight which is good so the vibration noise from the hard drivers doesn’t spread that much.


The cooling from stock ain’t all that great but the possibilities are goodkylnings. In the rear sits a 80*80*25 mm fan but it has been designed so that you can use both 80, 92 and 120 mm fans which is good if you want good airflow with low level of noise. On the side panel sits a 80*80*25 mm fan which is hindrerd a little byt the company’s logotype.


On the front there is room for a 80, 92 or 120 mm fan and a 92 mm fan on the side. This is for cooling the harddrives even better, however the holes are too small for a 120 mm fan to work well and give you the cooling you would expect from such a fan.


The looks are quite stylish with a nice polish. If you need fast access to a mirror this case is something for you. However these surfaces easily gets dirty and filled with fingerprints and other fatty stains and they are very easy to see. It also has a temperature display in the front whcih blends into the design.

The cooling possibilities are good but with the limited number of fans that comes with the case, you only get a endast skickat med en 80*80*25 mm fan to put in the rear and one on the side panel. A 120*120*25 mm in the rear would’ve been nice. The hardrive rack is easy to use but blocks a lot of the air that somes from the front but if you install a 90 mm fan on the right side you will get better cooling for your harddrives.

The case is made from thin sheet metal which makes it light without using aluminum, which makes it cheap. The case becomes less sturdy though as the metal is so thin, but they have managed to remove all sharp edges.

Overall it isa pretty good case and the recommended price at 590 SEK (Exchange rates) is really competitive. Making it easier to forget that you don’t get a 120mm fan for the rear bracket.

NZXT Trinity
NZXT Trinity

+ Cheap
+ Polish
+ Good cooling
+ Light

– Hard to keep clean
– Few fans comes with the case

NZXT has without a doubt done a good job with its Trinity chassi and as most of us here at NH prefer a discrete and clean design we really like this one. Whihc NZXT hasn’t been all that interestod with in the past. Trinity has very few cons worth mentioning and it easy to forget the very low price. Thanks to a sturdy and functional design we have chosen to award NZXT Trinity with our ”Best Budget Choice ” award.


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