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Zalman has presented a whole bunch of new products at Computex, but beside of all of the power supplies and various coolers it has also presented a couple of cases. One of these, Zalman LQ-1000, has been dubbed a ”Hybrid Liquid Cooling Enclosure.” The name comes from the fact that the aluminum case actually does more than just house your components, it also has an integrated water cooling kit. Zalman has made one of the sides of the case into a gigantic radiator, which means that you simply connect the hoses to the case and then let it do the work.

”This stylish-looking aluminum case works like a giant heatsink and relies on an internal liquid cooling system to transfer heat from heat-generating components to its panels and to a large heatsink positioned at the back, in front of the 120mm rear exhaust fan.”

Zalman LQ-1000 is looking quite promising as a case for the water cooler users. When and and how much remains to be revealed.

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