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Intel Yorkfield has already been proven to be a very competent processor and in the hands of Asian overclocker Shamino, it broke new ground yesterday. Shamino was able to push his Yorkfield over 6,000 MHz and 500 MHz FSB (x12). He used Foxconn’s Intel P35 board Mars Quantum Force to up the FSB to 500.3 MHz and reach a total clock frequency of 6009 MHz (according to setFSB). Don’t be fooled by the screenshot below. It says 3.0 GHz in CPU-Z, but that’s because EIST can’t be disabled with Yorkfield on the Mars board yet. Congratulations Shamino for breaking this magical figure and raising the bar even further. LN2 cooling of course and from what we understand we should be able to expect some CrossFire action soon.


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