XFX is one of few companies that has been allowed to make special versions of Radeon HD 5970. The company showed its first prototype  at CeBIT where it unlike ASUS and Sapphire hasn’t just doubled the memory buffer to 4GB RAM and buffed the frequencies, but also installed six  mini-DisplayPort outputs.

This way it has made sure the performance of the card will really come to use. The card shown at CeBIT was covered by the regular reference cooler from AMD. Exactly what to expect there is hard to say right now, but we were hoping that XFX would swap it for something cooler.

XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB Eyefinity6 in the hands of the booth guards

Neither clock frequencies nor price were final, but the 1000 USD mentioned earlier didn’t sound all wrong according to Cy Brown, head of XFX sales.

It looks like the companies has chosen to go down different paths with their different Radeon HD 5970 4GB cards, which we can only consider a good thing. Whichever model that will suit you best remains to be seen.





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