AMD launched the world’s fastest graphics card earlier this month and Radeon HD 6990 didn’t just sport two powerful GPUs, but also a dedicated overclocking mode. Even if the extra OC BIOS was developed by AMD the warranty doesn’t cover it, something XFX has now corrected.

XFX has in an interview with Kitguru announced it will offer full return rights and warranty for people who use the OC profile with Radeon HD 6990. The warranty doesn’t cover physical damage caused by overclocking, cooling, voltage mods or such.

Even if we have to give XFX a golden star it is a bit sad that AMD forces its partners to take responsibility for something AMD invented and forceably applies to all cards.

”XFX will warranty the 880Mhz OC Usage as per our usual RMA terms, as long as there is no Consumer Induced Damage etc, as per our usual terms and process for RMA’s…
XFX strongly believe that if you add a performance enhancing switch which allows the end user to ENHANCE THE CARDS PERFORMANCE, WE Believe it is only right to warranty this benefit.” säger XFX till Kitguru

More information on AMD Radeon HD 6990 and its overclocking profile can be found below.


  Radeon HD 6990 standard Radeon HD 6990 OC
Clock frequency 2 x 830 MHz 2 x 880 MHz
GPU voltage 1,12V 1,175V
Power consumption 375 watt 450 watt

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