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With the new year announced graphics card manufacturer XFX in turn announced that it would expand its assortment in a special way. From being one of NVIDIA’s best and most faithful partners it had started working together with its greatest competitor, AMD. By launching graphics cards with ATI-based graphics circuits it would get a colder relationship with NVIDIA while expanding its operation to during one of the toughest years for a long time.

In an interview with Driverheaven Cy Brown,Vice President of Sales (XFX Europe), says that XFX hopes to make use of the slow economy. It will continue to invest in R&D and hopes to grab important market shares as others take it slow.

Cy also reveals that it has divided its operation more since ATI came into the picture;

”We immediately made a separation between our NV development teams and our ATI development team – Over the last few years we employed a lot of talent, much of that talent has been under utilised – Now we get to maximise our engineers in ways we could not before with some impactive redeployment.”

Other interesting comments are on future motherboards where he could neither confirm nor deny anything, but AMD’s Dragon platform seems to be around the corner.

Cy also reveals that XFX is working on a whole new product that will surprise its competitors and open up a new market for XFX, something we hope to learn more about soon.

:: XFX – ATI Launch Interview


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