Small preview imageATi has now announced that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has started to massproduce ATi’s 90nm graphic circuits. These include X1800, Radeon X1600 and Radeon X1300 series which all wil be launched very soon. TSMC’s VP says that the 90nm technology used shows great potential being able to reach such high frequencies compares to earlier generations of manufacturing technologies. In other ters things are looking brighter for ATi iand both ATi and TSMC seem very satisfied with the cooperation. TSMC has according to ATi done an excellent job with the production of the new 90nm circuits while TSMC is very happy with having such a large customer as ATi.

”As a result, TSMC is currently processing thousands of 300mm wafers for ATI, with many more already delivered. At this aggressive pace, ATI has already become one of our major 90nm customers.”

It expects the first cards to reach stores at the end of September.

:: Read ATi’s pressrelease


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