If you have an AMD64 based processor, I can only congratulate, Microsoft has just put up an ISO image with the Windows XP 64-bit beta. This beta version can only be used for 360 days.

System requirements:
* AMD 64-based processor (Athlon 64/FX or Opteron)
* 256MB RAM
* 1,5GB free space on the harddrive

– Are you brave, own an AMD64 based processor and want free performance?
 In that case don’t doubt, download the Windows XP 64-bits beta and try out a 64-bit operating system yourself.

The link to the page where you can download the ISO image is here.

If you are using a Via-based mainboard it might be appropriate for you to download the new VIA Hyperion Pro drivers.

These drivers can be found here (WARNING! These drivers shall NOT be used with any other operating system than WinXP 64-bit or Win Server 2003 64-bit).


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