Windows 8 will become the next operating system from software giant Microsoft. To further raise the bar after the success with Windows 7 it looks like the company is peeking at rival Apple and its Mac OS X operating system.

In leaked documents said to come from Microsoft you can see how the company has brainstormed around the development of the new Windows operating system and analyzed Apple’s business model, how it works, what makes it good and why users choose Apple. The words ”It just works” is the mantra it wants to achieve.


Noteworthy is that the operating system is referred to as Windows 8 and that Microsoft is talking about the cloud, and so called Cloud computing. Where user accounts and related information will be accessible from different computers and Internet-connected computers.

Other functions Microsoft seems to emphasize is reducing boot times of a Windows PC. This will be tackled with even more efficient Sleep mode, which will also improve energy consumption.



Other interesting points are performance and monitoring tools for enthusiasts that not only wants to use but also test their systems.

The perhaps biggest similarity with Apple’s way of doing is that Microsoft is planning a Windows Store. An online store where users can buy and download new applications and where once again the user account will guide and control with your personal settings.


Microsoft plans to prepare the operating system for login via camera, using face recognition to identify users. Better touch interface, automatic adjustment of monitor brightness, voice control and social network integration.

Microsoft has not commented on the leaked documents, but at Microsoft Kitchen that published the images they are convinced they are genuine. How of this that will really make it to Windows 8 is a whole other question.

Microsoft Kitchen has published numerous documents from Microsoft’s Windows 8 presentation and these can be found here.


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"It just works" are the words i use to describe windows xp and 7… B)