För alla er som kör Windows 2000 kan jag meddela en del av de förbättringar/fixar som kommer att göras i denna version. Microsoft skall enligt rykten redan börjat arbeta på en Service Pack 3 men det återstår att se. Nedan har kan ni se förbättringarna som kommer i version 2.

-Cannot Add Local Group to ACL When Logged On with a Local Account
-Windows 2000 Does Not Set Toshiba Laptop Computers in Power- Saving State
-CPU Fan on an IBM ThinkPad Computer May Not Start
-Invalid Characters in DNS Queries
-Adding a Counter with PdhAddCounter() Causes Access Violation in WMI
-RUNAS Command Does Not Work with UPN or Plain User Name
-ASP Returns ”Include File Not Found” Error Message for Included Files on the UNC Connection
-Computer May Hang When Hot-Swapping UDMA IDE Devices
-Cannot Convert FAT32 to NTFS with IDE Drive Larger Than 20 GB
-Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5) in Windows 2000
-Adobe Font Driver Causes Text Damage with Multiple Master Fonts
-Phone Dialer Does Not Display Windows NT 4.0 Local and Domain User List
-Buffer Overflow in Network Monitor May Cause Vulnerability
-Access Violation Viewing Brother Printer Properties in German Windows 2000
-Cacls.exe Orders ACEs Incorrectly When Granting Rights
-Denial of Service Can Occur with Microsoft NetMeeting
-BUG: Exporting Application Proxy in COM+ Gives Export Application Error
-Macintosh Client Cannot Submit Certificate Re Quest with Netscape Browser


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