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Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 enables users to download and watch TV shows directly on your TV through their respective interfaces, especially if you live in the USA. We in Europe are still waiting for anything remotely similar… Either way, Reuters has the story that Nintendo and Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertisement agency, are working on a video distribution service for Wii. Unlike the Xbox 360 and PS3 content, the shows for the Wii will be made for the Wii, and not just shows regularly shown on TV.

Some of the content will be offered for a small fee, other shows will be free. The service will launch in Japan next year, while it has not been decided when the rest of the world will get to enjoy the content, which has not been decided either. Reuters refers to Nikkei business daily, saying that the service will most likely include cartoons (anime?) and other entertainment shows (Japanese game shows? (I’d pay for that)).


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