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Widescreen displays based on LCD-technology is something you can find loads of and even if the widescreen format seems to have settled also on the monitor market we haven’t seen the same development here. Next year might just be the year for widescreen panels to get their big breakthrough on the PC-market as well. According to DigiTimes the ASP (Average Selling Prices) for widescreen panels will drop by more than 30% the coming six months. This is mainly because the manufacturing capacity will increase significantly when the sixth and seventh generation of LCD-plants increase its production.

”With capacity being ramped at sixth generation (6G) and seventh generation (7G) plants, supply for widescreen monitor panels will continue to increase in 2006, the market sources said. In addition, widescreen monitor panels can be priced more economically when cut from 6G and 7G panels, the sources explained. For 6G substrates, 16 20.1-inch LCD monitors panels can be cut using an aspect ratio of 4:3, compared to 20 widescreen panels, ViewSonic and BenQ noted.”

To us this is a very positive development and we hope that the panel manufacturers will go for higher resolutions now as it has been left behind a little.

Source: DigiTimes


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