Western Digital has, as predicted, surpassed competitor Seagate. WD shipped no less than 51.1 million harddrives in Q1 2010, while rival Seagate had to settle for 50.3 million shipped units.

This was an increase by 3.2% from Q4 2009 for WD, but Seagate also improved its numbers, but only by 0.8%. This is the first time in history that WD ships more drives than Seagate. There is still one thing missing though and that is catching up to the higher income of the competitor.

Seagate noted an income of 3.1 billion dollar during Q1 while Western Digital registered a net income of 2.64 billion dollar. The relatively large difference comes from the fact that Seagate is still larger among businesses, where margins are bigger.WD has been working with pretty aggressive prices over the last year, too.

Källa: iSuppli


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