Small preview imageBFG has earlier said that water cooling is a probable alternative for cooling future graphic cards. We have hardly come so far that high-end cards has to have water cooling but BFG but has already launched a GeForce 7800 GT with a water block as stock cooling. The card is called BFG 7800 GT OC Water Cooled and except for a water block it also has a GPU frequency at 470MHz, where the default is 400, which is quite a significant increase.

That you then also has more MHz to gain from overclocking even further doesn’t hurt, but if it is something that do hurt it’s the price of BFG’s water cooled card which costs almost 200 dollar more than the regular card. We will most likely see more water cooled cards in the future, something Gainward started many years ago. The more who will go for this, the better the prices will be.

:: Read PC Perspective’s test of BFG 7800 GT OC Water Cooled


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