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One of the better known overclockers of today is Vince Lucido, also known by his alias ”k|ngp|n”. Vince has become famous throughout the overclocking community through numerous world records and overclocking displays but also his own development and store turning to others with the same love and desires. He has been making high-quality nitrogen pots where the top model Dragon F1 Extreme Edition is the best known.

At BSN they had a chat with Vince and talk about everything from his own nitrogen pots to his participation in the overclocking community. There is some talk about Phenom II overclocking and k|ngp|n’s latest creation, his Venom nitrogen pot designed for AMD’s new 45nm processors.

A good read for those who want to learn more about k|ngp|n and his overclocking plans.

I chose to go with LN2 because I could go as cold or as long as I wanted. I basically could control the temperatures and just keep them at whatever I wanted by a combination of sitting there and babysitting the pot and controlled pouring. I could keep the CPU temp at one degree below where the thing [CPU] shuts off and if it meant 100 more MHz, why the hell wouldn’t I? I then started to work on containers with a lot more buffer on the bottom. Massive, massive buffered designs so the temperature swing would be really slow and I realized it would be really easy to keep within a certain temperature. So, it was just an evolution I guess.

 :: Interview: OC legend Vince ”Kingpin” Lucido


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